شروط الأستخدام

Kuwait Al Khair welcomes all users to its portal, and we would like to present to you the terms of use of the portal, which will apply to you all users, to determine the principles necessary for actual use to achieve the best results offered by the portal. The terms and conditions of the portal are to define your obligations as a user when you use the portal. • The terms of use apply to everyone without regard to how to access the portal of Kuwait Al Khair Portal • The terms of use of the Kuwait Al Khair portal are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Kuwait. • It is not permissible to publish any materials on the electronic portal of Kuwait Al Khair Portal by any user, and the user bears full responsibility for doing so. • The user agrees that he will not impersonate any person, or identify himself in a wrong way when using the services of the Kuwait Al-Khair portal, and he will not use another user's account unless authorized to do so by that user. • The user agrees that he will not use the services of the Kuwait Al Khair platform in a way that violates any Kuwaiti laws, or violates any protocols related to the Internet, and is not entitled to use, publish or sell any of the services for commercial purposes. • Kuwait Al Khair platform is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages due to visiting or using the portal, or for any malfunctions in the failure to secure a connection with. • The user agrees not to send by e-mail or download through the Emirates Al Khair portal services of the department any software viruses or others with the intent of damaging files, data, software, hardware, server systems or communication equipment. • All intellectual property rights, printing and dissemination of information and portal marks are protected in accordance with the laws regulating this in the State of Kuwait, and the Automated Services Network Company is the sole and exclusive owner of it. • Kuwait Al Khair platform has the absolute right to cancel or terminate any suspension of access for any reason and without prior notice, whether in accordance with the principle of privacy and confidentiality. • Automated Services Network Company reserves the right to update and change these terms and conditions at any time.